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Seaside Gallery
“Please continue the T-shirt Art Exhibition indefinitely.” “I would like to visit your museum sometime, so please continue to exhibit.” The Seaside Gallery Nonprofit Organization (hereinafter “Seaside Gallery”), which is hosting the T-shirt Art Exhibition, has been receiving many comments of encouragement such as these from across the country. Nevertheless, Kazuya Azechi, who is a central member of the Seaside Gallery and an employee of Ogata-cho Town Hall, which is carrying out the planning and management of the T-shirt Art Exhibition, comments, “It is miraculous that the T-shirt Art Exhibition has been held 17 times.”

Iwabuchi Yakuhin Inc.
In 2014, Iwabuchi Yakuhin Inc. (hereinafter “Iwabuchi Yakuhin”) celebrated the 100th anniversary of its establishment. President and Representative Director Yasuaki Iwabuchi, from inside the President’s Office at the distribution center where the company’s headquarters functions are located, thought about how to approach handing over and developing the business, with a view to the next 100 years.

toraya Confectionary Co., Ltd.
Toraya was established in the late Muromachi period, so it has been engaging in business since the reign of Emperor Go-Yozei (1586 to 1611). Toraya has prepared confectionaries, mochi rice cakes, and so on for various events of the imperial court, centering on successive emperors and other members of the imperial household. Its customer base has expanded along with the changing times to include not only imperial palaces, but also residences of princes, nobles, financial cliques, and so on, as well as general companies, schools, and the military.


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