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Iwabuchi Yakuhin Inc.
In 2014, Iwabuchi Yakuhin Inc. (hereinafter “Iwabuchi Yakuhin”) celebrated the 100th anniversary of its establishment. President and Representative Director Yasuaki Iwabuchi, from inside the President’s Office at the distribution center where the company’s headquarters functions are located, thought about how to approach handing over and developing the business, with a view to the next 100 years.

Elephant Design Co., Ltd.
On occasion, what we really want is not readily sold. Cuusoo.com (http://www.cuusoo.com) comes to your help at that point. It is a website run by elephant design where anybody can post their wishes and individual needs. Designers across the country gather around these “voices” to submit more concrete ideas on how to realize these wishes or needs, which are then discussed in more detail by supporting user communities. Manufacturers and sellers step up, and user ideas gradually turn into real products. The most important thing is to extract the true wishes and perspectives of both the customers and the producer. In order to do this, elephant design has been enthusiastic from its inception to maintain a system where the relationship between the two sides is very close.

Gala Inc. B
For an Online Community Company that Connects the World - Gala Inc. 2 Years Later.

EMOBILE Ltd. --2010--
In August 2010, Eric Gan, president of Emobile Ltd. attended the invester meeting reporting the 1st quarter results for fiscal 2010-2011. Since launching EMOBILE in March 2007, the number of service subscribers had increased to over 2,500,000 by end of June, 2010. The successful launch of the company has changed the position of EMOBILE from a newcomer in the Japanese mobile operator industry to the market leader by encompassing 65% of mobile data transmission service users in this country.

Gala Inc.
Gala Inc. has much expanded operations specializing in the Internet online community since being founded in 1993, with 2006 marking its “first year of effective globalization.” Establishing overseas subsidiaries and especially taking onboard the online game business led to sudden and rapid growth. As a result, after three years of global expansion of Gala’s organization and services, the company has now come to face the issue of what to put forward as its key resource for cementing its various branches into a growing and lasting whole.

eMobile, Ltd. -2008-
eMobile, a newcomer to the Japanese mobile broadband operator industry, had become one of its major mobile operators by increasing its subscriber number to over 600,000. All that, in approximately one year since launching the operation in March 2007! Having successfully started up eAccess, the largest wholesaler of Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line [ADSL] in Japan, eMobile found itself obliged to meet high expectations both from investors and users.

INTEC is an integrated IT service company based in Toyama City, Japan. Since its founding in 1964, INTEC has expanded its operations from calculation services to VAN and other communications services. After the collapse of the bubble economy, the company began R&D into new technologies and set up new businesses toward new internet age, to make reform as corporate culture. This case is to find what should and should not be changed, by discussing its regional and global aspect.


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